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meanwhile dem a plan
jah a wipe out
we hold on firm and dem can’t get we out
no me say dem can’t get we out
dem coming to annihalite
coming dem coming to tek over
dem coming to eliminate
but righteous children never a go under (repeat)
we view dem level see dem levels dem a devil
and dem can’t come ya so fi mash up fi we heavens
dem a throw dem stones and fling dem pebbles
bow down to dem systems
and a gwaan like dem a rebel
but we stop dem before dem go too far
what then we now who you are
those meck ten what you have and a pair
a tag and a war and a blur and a bla
chorus (repeat)
polition on their mission
ttry fi mash up fi we vision
continously no intermission
with dem guns and all dem wars
dem try fi create a division
we nuh go get tricked by dem religion
ask dem how do you feel in those cages
how do you feel dat you will never live
to see certain stages
and all those books and those pages
you never read them
so you caught up in your riches and your rages
chorus (repeat)

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