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"Dear diary,
I have a wonderful news to share with you: I am with child!
If only my sweetest Joseph were here to share in my happiness. We are so very blessed! I must write to him immediately: learning that he will be a father will bring him joy an lighten the burden of the long months at sea."
My dearest Joseph, my sweet soul
our life is wondrous, our life is whole
something so joyous, beautiful
of this I'm certain
You'll wish to know
deep inside this heart of mine
our dream will come alive
spread you arms out open wide
the greatest love, a life awaits
the greatest love, a heart will beat
the greatest love, a mind will grow
the greatest love, may we be free again
rays of sunshine, caress my skin
pure and glorious, this state I'm in
the whitest winter
warmest spring
carry our loved one
safe within
the greatest love, a world begins
the greatest love, a journey starts
the greatest love, alive and near
the greatest love
a future dawn for us

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