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"Dear diary,
I have wonderful news, our baby is born! He is the most beautiful baby on this Earth, and I can already see that he is a brave little boy indeed. I've named him after a strong adventurous man we all much admire, Admiral Michiel de Ruyter.
When my letter arrives, Joseph will be over the moon with joy at the birth of our precious boy."
I have seen
our beautiful dream
and it came to life
filled with joy
a wonderful story to tell
I can see clouds dissolve
and the sun show her smile
when I see the wonders
inside the eyes of Michiel
mesmerized by the glory before me
I fill with pride
may there be a hero no less in his name
you will feel the power
revealed in the circle of life
when you see the wonders
inside the eyes of Michiel
in his eyes I can see the path of our lives
endless and bright, wherever we go
he'll show us the way, never to stray
in his eyes far beyond the measure of time
lead us the way
in ever shining light
Michiel and I
forever as one, we're invincible
we'll rejoice the glorious day you return
no more fear, sorrow of tears
will darken our world
when we see the wonders
inside the eyes of Michiel
in his eyes, I can see his paradise
heartbreak and pain melting away
devoted to faith, never to break
in his eyes, I can see forever inside
lead us the way
our destiny in sight

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