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"Dear diary,
My Jospeh's latest letter tells of the perilous hardships he endured sailing round the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. He says its old name, Cape of Storms, far better suits these treacherous waters!
My continual prayers for his safety must have been heard, for thus far the Lord has spared him. May he continue safely on his journey and may the gentle winds guide him safely towards home."
fearless skies, endless rains
uncontrollable waves
war against the elements
drives us all to our graves
ruthless rage, blood red eyes
epic ocean swells
the sky will break, the sea will take
spirits roam near the shores
at the cape of storms
tattered sails, tell their tale
of our mighty crusade
cold and warmth collide in fright
never fading away
devil's mouth dooms our faith
may we strengthen our game
men will fall, death will call
curse the day you were born
at the cape of storms
as we ride through the tides
we will not hide, we will take pride
destiny calls, demons fall
and we will be free
as we fly through our lives
golden moon will be our guide
lead us to God-powered light
and we will be free
Atlantic force, Indian strength
fight a war of their own
subject to infinity
we abide by the sea
heartless sharks, hungry beasts
circling ominously
tempest tossed, hope is lost
fear and horror take form
at the cape of storms
we will be forever free

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