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"Dear diary,
Please forgive my melancholy mood, but today I write hoping to find relief from my unquiet thoughts.
For some time now I've been heavy with weariness. The doctor suspects a chill of the blood and has given me a bitter medicine which I must take some morning, noon and night. Thus far it has brought me no relief.
I make light of these troubles in my letters to Joseph, as he faces his own challenges at sea. But dearest diary, I am so afraid."
my love my blessed soul
I'm whispering your name
from this moment on
we'll not be the same
I dread to speak these words
if forever they'll be heard
they'll ache and cause you pain
I live a silent dream
my hope has turned to dust
with you is where my heart
yearns to be
once more to see the dawn
and embrace the rising sun
but now the moment's gone
and now the moment's gone
my love my shining star
I'm pleading with the moon
the only one who knows
where you are
an evil cold and grey
makes my body fade away
my faith has gone astray
I write without a sound
my words will never dry
they're melting in my tears falling down
I'd wish you'd stand ashore
be with me forevermore
but now the moment's gone
and now the moment's gone

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