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"Dear diary,
After several unbearable months of silence, I now hold in my hands a precious letter from my dearest Joseph. He's safely reached India!
The exotic land he describes in his letter sounds magnificent - colorful, mystical and beautiful beyond imagining.
What must it be like to experience such wonders? I wish I could be there with him, but that is not to be.
Instead I find comfort in knowing that half a world away, he held this same bit of paper in his hand."
travelling the world, port to port
enriches my life, horizon in sight
I have seen wonders to last for a lifetime
the world here is mystic and new
the markets and colors, incense and scholars
flavors and scents ever pure
words that you sent, sweet Susanne
ignite in my heart a brand new start
the darkest of skies make the brightest of stars shine
I see you and me
the dawn of an era, the birth of a new day
this constellation I see
and as the moon's gazing down
on the shores of India
I am calling out your name
may the tides bear my words
waves crashes down
on the shores of India
did you summon them to me
have they come to take me home
salt water dew, see me through
show me the way, lead me to you
colors and spices, rich and enticing
this land captures me
tropical thunders, musical wonders
the Arabian Sea
I have seen wonders, guide me into your arms
I sent you the waves
did they come here
to take you home to me
India, pearl of the east
bless the holy waters
and protect me on my
journey back to her

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