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"Dear diary,
I have been trying for days
to write a cheerful letter to Joseph,
full of news and stories to brighten his tedious journey.
But deep within my heart of hearts
I feel a pressing sense of urgency,
and the tone of my recent letters
has not been as optimistic as I would like.
In my dreams I see us reunited in happiness,
sharing wonderful moments with Michiel.
Yet in truth I fear the worst.
If I ask him to hurry home,
dear diary, will it worry him too much ?"
underneath a dusky sky
a veil of stardust drifting by
I think of you my gallant man
and savor the memory again
I watch the streets of Amsterdam
here is where our life began
here is were the future lies
if that's what our destiny decides
through savage seas and starless nights
the Lord has kept you by his side
oh sky above, oh wind and rain
you can't take the miracle away
can you see the new horizons
on the road ahead
I can see the skies will lighten
everywhere you tread
can you see the new horizons
washing out the old
I can see the rainbow rising
over seas of gold
I pray to see your shining eyes
before I reach for paradise
heaven knows the skies will clear
I welcome eternity without fear
my body's weak my heart is strong
my task on earth is not yet done
I see you hold him in your arms
your light, your serenity... your son

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