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"Dear diary,
This morning I enjoyed a bracing walk into the center.
Amsterdam is truly growing
and blossoming: it's all so exciting!
I wish I could share it with my Joseph.
Fortunately I have no visitors today:
I shall spend the afternoon writing him a letter.
It will cheer him to hear news of home,
and to know he is ever in my thoughts."
watching the crowd through the window
looking down to the streets that I love
the city's rising and glowing
we are blessed to reside in this town
as I'm hearing the sound of the harbor
where our sailors and traders call
I imagine the way of the workers
through the anguish they still stand tall
as I'm making my way to center
morning birds in the park sing along
in their sweet subtle splendor
seems we all are in love with their song
and the princes, lords and emperor
embrace the merchants' houses
(if only you were here)
in the heart of Amsterdam
(here in the heart of Amsterdam)
around the town hall
proud people crowd the alley
(if only you were here)
in the heart of Amsterdam
I cross the canals' tiny bridges
where I pause to absorb city life
from the poor to the richest
exotic foreigners passing me by
I'm in awe of beautiful paintings
can't believe that Rembrandt's here
as the seasons are changing
he'll immortalize all we hold dear
may we write, search and discover
may we craft, philosophize
to guide and govern
build our future eternal and bright
strolling along down the alleys
this is home, this is where I belong
scents of fresh salted sea breeze
I'll be here 'till the last teardrop falls

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