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"Dear diary,
I am so weary,
even the simple act of writing is exhausting.
But I do hope these few words convey
the boundless joy and gratitude I am feeling:
a letter from Joseph has arrived!
A wonderful letter, a most longed-for letter!
He is on his way home!
He writes that he will do everything
in his power to be back in time.
I am truly blessed to have such
a devoted loving husband.
I must endeavor to be strong for him."
at last my love I'm coming home
guided by the moon
when I return
the fields will be in bloom
and revived
rest assured I'll hold you again
here within my arms
with every breath
the winds will see me through
we'll survive
I carry you through the dead of night
into the brightest light
I dream of you night after night
and of our precious child
with land in sight
no storm will be too wild
I will fight
I know your heart is longing for me
our future is unclear
but love I see
our bond will keep us here
and alive
the restless skies, the darkest of seas
I am longing to be at peace
the wind and hail, the thundering waves
I am destined to find a way
to save your life none could foresee
don't you ever lose faith in me
we will endure, we must carry through
let our hearts be as pure as gold
you will know the power's still in me
carry you into the brightest light
at last my love I'm coming home
guided by the sun
against the wind we will overcome
we are light
my love and tears devoted to you
will heal my aching heart
when I return
we'll heal, we'll start anew
with our life

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