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Restrained Remains - text


Subsequently you are now deceased
And of this I will keep quite
I know just what they'll do
When it's time for an autopsy

No I'll keep you here for myself
I cherish you corpse
Never mind the decomposition
I'm so eager to watch you not

I'll have the honours of the necropsy
Apparent coronary failure
Congestion in the tissue
The final cause of death

No I'll never let you go
I restrain your remains
Relish in the glorious decay

Excruciating stench
The blood from the cadaver

Corpse fluids seeping out
No doubt it's a fine mess
No cause for distress
I'll keep your body clean

I realy want you to look your best
Adore the shrunken remains
The cadaverous features
Has come out really nice

No I'll never let you go
I restrain you remains
Relish in the glorious decay

I cherish you corpse
I restrain you remain
Never mind the decomposition
I, I restrain your remains

Text přidala AveSatanas

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