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Abnormal tissue abounds
An irritant to rid
A fitting treatment found
Electric currents assist

Wrap the deceased in foil
Attach a couple of clips
Plug the whole package in
Flip the switch and let her rip

Spit on the laboratory griddle
Watch the sparks increase
Fulguration in excess
The strench of burning grease

Fuses blowing one by one
Highly irritating
A surgeon needs to be prepared
With an extra generátor

Arterial Spray Obsession

Recklessly puncturing veins
Cascading crimson rush
Artistically spread the torrent
Bask in the hematic flood

Ex sanguinate the carcass
Bleed the riven limbs

Leech the clotted plasma
Pump subsiding flows
Smear the viscous cruor
Consolidate the gore

Reveal the vascular organs
Dichotomize the rapidly failing heart

Methodically dissect the flesh
Slice and lay open the skin
Relish the glutinous mess
Savor ensanguined death

Unleash the hemic fountatin
An imbrued deranged feast
Extract the maximum claret
pierce the arterial conduits

Escalate the carnage
Encourage venous spatter

Spray the grisly substance
A veritable sanguine artiste

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Video přidala AveSatanas

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