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Are we lying comfortably
I hope that you fear not
Your stay here shall be lengthy
Depending on just how quickly you not

Apply a quicklime mud pack
Hinder circulation
Artificially inflicted gangrene
Hasten the maceration

Rendered imppecably clean
Stripped to the ivory core
The cleansing of your tongue
I'm distraced by agonized screams

It propably won't hurt too much
The sedatives will bear you through
The pain eventuaally subsides
When your nerve ends turn to goo

Bound to be gored
Intravenously fed
Destined to rot
Your skin to be shed

Trimming off loose sinew
Your appearance is still a mess
My psychopeantic maniacal glee
matches your distress

Cleanliness is godliness
Unbound by rank decay
I admire your skeletal remains
As I hose your fetid carrion down the drain

Viva! Blunt Force Trauma

Deformed facial features
Cranial wounds abound
Abrasions and incisions
Bruises and severe contusions

The finer things in life and death
Viva! Blunt force trauma

Crushed smashed and ruined
structurallly redifined
Mangled battered and beaten
The hilarity still abides

Fundamentál gore
Viva! Blunt force trauma

Excessive bodily harm
Shattered and protruding bone
The miracle of extreme force
In conjuncture with human forms

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