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We're the ones you heard about, untight but really loud
Always drunkest in the room, always sand out in a crowd
Extremely hostile, non-hygienic, always in your face
Crowned the kings of bad behavior, masters of disgrace
We're the ones you read about, still living the dream
Anti-fit, out of shape, won't follow the stream
True satanic, violent, with an unpolished act
Well experienced troublemakers, from the wrong side of the tracks
We're unholy, unpleasant, unclassy and drunks
Unsober, unfriendly, untalented punks
Unholy, unpleasant, uncaring obscene
Uneasy, unwelcome, unstable and mean
We're the ones you talk about who never runs from a fight
Parents call us dangerous but their daughters call every night
Pure obnoxious non-believers, tons of sex appeal
Anti-poser, street-fighting, underground ideal

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Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die

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