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Cruising in the streets, it's Saturday night
Asking for trouble, looking for a fight
Got a six-pack in one hand, a punch in the other
It's gonna go down, one way or another

You'll be many and we'll be few
But we're harder and meaner than all of you
We're scarred and bloody and will never stop
And we're heading straight for the fucking top

Armed with chains, pipes and bats
Got knuckles dressed in black
We gonna beat, gonna cut, gonna stab
'Cause tonight we fight

The street's our arena, the gutter is our stage
We're coming through like a fucking earthquake
Supported by criminals, addicts and drunks
Street corner dealers and deadbeat punks

A discarded outcast violent mob
Watching over our turf like rabid dogs
You can stick around but if you're not approved
We'll use excessive force to get you removed

People crawl out the sewers, the underground unite
You can try to hide and you can run for your life
But you'll know for a fact when we're coming to town
The Geneva Convention won't be around

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