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It ain't no secret we've seen better days
Ain't no lie we chose some unhealthy ways
Compared to you we still come out on top
You're no success, you're a fraud and a flop

Live in the gutter, don't need a roof
Homelessness is manly, and we're the proof
We build our thrones of garbage and waste
Get drunk on gasoline, come have a taste

Still the elite of all mankind
Better than you and your friends combined
Still the elite of the universe
We're in the lead, we are the scum of the Earth

Me and the boys, we're still living life rough
Never bought into your daily life bluff
Won't take no paycheck, we steal what we need
Won't ever be part of society

You better watch out on the wrong side of town
If we pick up your scent, we'' hunt you down
We operate by the code of the street
Won't ever wimp out, we're the fucking elite

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