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Heavenfall - text


I have returned. From the dawn of time
I have returned to claim, what was once mine
And I'll purge, all light from your eyes
My mind, is aglow, with crushing moonlight
The mighty seas vent my rage
Into the Eversea I fall from the night and I
I never thought I'd be born again
Fall from the night. Scream with me
Rejoice, in eternity
The lightning cleaves the frozen skies
Pure with, fingers of frost
I now become the hate
Anger of the shadowed mountainside
Seething veiled forests of misery
Rejoice, in eternity
I have returned
The night, I leave
As the stars fall like leaves
For we are courageous in the face of the death
And we have seen, for a million years
All of your dreams. All of your f*cking fears
We see, as you lie asleep
Only dreams of heaven you keep

Text přidala Richenza

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