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When your feathers are soaked
And your eyes are too bloody to see
And you've pulled every punch that you had
But there's one that you need
Then you've waited too long
There's a hole in your heart
And all you've become
is emotionally over-run

Wishing wells were made to echo a dime
The consequences are you keep on relying
You've become a run and hide refugee
Baby I'm a Cop Stop!
Put up your hands and surrender to me

You're gonne get hooked
If there's anything left I can do
You're already disarmed
It's your lasting alarm I pursue
You can loosen those fists
Come on blow me a kiss
You've been roughed up enough
To deserve some relief from your troubles
So I'm coming in


I would never tell you what to do despite
Any indecision though I know I'm right
Arguing was always my forte
But one thing I can say is
I won't tell you lies
Or treat you like a rental car like other guys
And if you think I'm crazy find an alibi
But you will need some evidence to show


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