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Living on the breadline
Out to make a dime
Only need my freedom
To buy a space in time
Clutching at the first step
In to make the climb
Sinking to the bottom
And I can't afford the fine
Ain't gonna worry
Ain't gonna frown
No politician man's
Gonna bring me down
Well you can take all my money
Make it hard as you can
You can turn your back on me
But you will never take the key
'Cos I'm a free man
People try to tell me
It's alright for you
They don't have the worry
Of being in the queue
I'd love to earn a million
But it's so out of reach
Don't know why, I'm gonna try
Practise what I preach
Hey there lawman
What you tryin' to do
Don't judge appearance
I'm as good as you
Well you can come on the big boy
Lay the heavy hand
You can send me down the line
But you will never take my mind
'Cos I'm a free man

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