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Till The Rivers Run Dry - text


Dive in the ocean
Of my emotion
Swim in me
Drift with the tide

Float as I hold you
Mould and enfold you
Melt in my arms
Through the night

My lover don't leave me
Cry or deceive me
You'd break this trusting
Fool open wide

If you ever need me
Baby believe me
I'll be here
Till the rivers run dry

If I was given
A wish or a vision
Just for a moment
In time

If I could wish to
I'd like to kiss you
Bathe in your beauty
And die one more time

My lover don't tease me
Lie just to please me
To take this love in vain
Isn't right

If ever you doubt it
I'll scream and I'll shout it
I will love you
Till the rivers run dry

Life isn't easy
A pleasure born of pain
Time leads us stumbling
In its wake

Read the glorious stories
Through the wreckage that remains
Of my love, the one thing
Nothing could change

So look to the ocean
Beautiful Trojan
It's fate that guides the echoes
Of my mind

I'm silently coping
Patiently hoping
I will be here
Till the rivers run

Lady, you know
That I am just a man
WIth a love
I could never replace

I will be there when you need me
And I'll never question why
Just to love you
Till the rivers run dry

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