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Synchronicity - text


It's a schoolyard
In the flush of youth
Singing songs about forever
Knowing nothing of the truth

From the ravages of time
If only for a moment
We're immortal and sublime

It's a fanfare
As we take to the air tonight
But as time stares
It betrays and impairs the sight
Dreams are what we're born with

Oh yeah

As the clock chimes on an English town
It's nine a.m. and springtime
With the blossom all around
It's a dreamlike suburbia that frowns
To the fragile and the friendless
It's the emperor's new gown

It's a lion's lair
To the souls who prepare to die
It's a nightmare
On the face of despair tonight
Pieces that we're torn in

As the breeze cools on the L.A. beat
Two a.m. is falling
From the clubs onto the streets
And the cold air
Cuts deep as any knife
The incision in the silence
Brings another world to life

It's a mind-game
When the pressures we crave arrive
But the lies fade
The celebrity fame device
Made in California, yeah

There's a madness to the rush hour street
In Tokyo it's six p.m.
For the bullet train elite
For a time there the city comes alive
Never stopping for a moment
The unstoppable design

While in Times Square
They can sleep unaware tonight
Synchronised there
And all over this world of light
Passing in a heartbeat, yeah

Baby, somewhere in the world outside
Where the tired eyes are sleeping
And the shadows yearn for light
The kings lie with the ragged human tide
Knowin' everyone is equal
For our lives are synchronised

For our lives are synchronised
For our lives are synchronised

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