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The september morning
Of misty grey spawning
A textured and colourful light
The seasonal calling
Of autumn leaves falling
To earth, bade the summer goodbye
The whisper
Of gossamer breeze
As it splintered
The canvas to breathe
We stood by the river
Reflected and shimmered
The rose cloaked her thorns in disguise
As I caught a glimmer
The crystal-clear mirror
Recaptured the storm in her eyes
We must relish
These moments of birth
As we're born
We return to the earth
We stand
At the gates of eternity
All fall down
And I thank all the fates
That brought her to me
All fall down
We walked between showers
We talked but for hours
I never knew how much to say
To speak from my heart
That I loved every part of her
Frightened to scare her away
I will kiss you
But don't say goodbye
For I'll miss you
Until the next time
Time lends
To the magical chemistry
All fall down
Life blends
Till the madrigal ends and we
All fall down
All fall down
Until we all fall down

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