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Brooklyn - text


I look in my crystal ball
And see nothing
I quietly wish I had it all
Or at least something

While the short waves
Sends chaos around us
I don't hear a thing
It's all so quiet in Brooklyn

If I had a fresh start
I'd probably fail
So I drink my coffee
And open the mail

Now I hope the cruel words
In your letter
Are baptised by my tears
I would try to make it all better
But it would take years

Cause while I've been feeding your ego
Mine's been wearing thin
It's all so quiet in Brooklyn

I'd get lost anywhere
As long as I'm found
I could be anyone in any town

Why is there no one to help me
Find my way through
Cause if there was someone to help me
Maybe I could help you

Seems everyone's already started
While I don't know where to begin

It's all so quiet
It's all so quiet
It's all so quiet in Brooklyn

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Gary Go

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