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Sweet songbird singing in the morning hour
Waking me up to tell me how
Another day passes along
I love that simple song that reminds me
I’m getting closer to you
And every time thoughts tumble down
My mind is unwound
So much to say
Maybe on another day
When these words will come out right
A lesson in love is the hardest thing
You and I will ever learn
Because our hearts are so shy
And I think of you everyday
And in the night I pray
That you’re safe from harm
We’re walking on a thin string
But I know the Lords got the whole thing in his hands
We’re strangers in this land
But together could make our way home
Make our way home
The fire passed me by
The earthquakes shaking the mountain
And I let em’ go
When love had left me dry
Your quiet voice broke through
To water my soul now
Oh sweet thing, she’s coming round my way
Oh sweet love, what else can I say

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