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Dream yourself awake
Can't make it through the night
Wicked dreams will haunt you
When the morning light shines
You try to find your way outside

Just another day
You try to let them shine
The people disappoint you
Makes you wonder why you cry
You can almost see the end of you

Refren :
So come on stand up
Yeah put your hands up
It ain't wrong to be strong
And it's gonna be gone
And then they won't come back to you
No no no no
Wake up
Try not to break up
If they're holding you down
Then you rise to the top
Cos you're a bad bad girl
And you just can't stop
No no no

Give yourself a break
Listen to your heart
Let your conscience guide you
Never let your guard down
Find out the best of you

Everything you do
And what is done to you
Doesn't have to change you
It only makes you stronger and stronger
The more they take away from you


You won't lead no beggars life
And you sure don't need their bad advice
Or their five cents worth of what they think of you
Sometimes they're not so into you
Keep your head up above that line, you know
Everybody loses sometimes
Shame shame shame
The things they've done to you


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