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In the nineteenth century the hospital was built
It was run run by a congregation of black nuns with no mercy
Children were the patients, they were trapped inside their mind
Segregation was the cure for (their) schizophreniac cries
And then came the war!
They let 'em die
Prisoners inside
Not so far from home the old asylum
Still lives on!
No -one is in there but all the spirits who ain't gone
In the dead of night his figure rising
Cuts the black!
Mesmerizing you, the sweat gets cold but you'll be back
What lies within
What lies within
33 park street
Victims of their cruelty, the tortures and the pain
Children became casualties of a bloodthirsty game
Tied in beds with chains, tormented just to see them die
Restless hosts they'll be until the very end of times
It's calling!
I remeber it well
You're welcome
Come in

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