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Congregation of witchery that reads from Satan's book
Wearing pointy hats in the night
Its pages can snap your mind with just one look
Tonight is the last day of my life
Triangle embroidered on his hat
His hand is covering one evil eye
So worship or die
See how our evil black magic backwards talk you makes
My trousers are on upside down
Tell them who sent you when you get to hell's gate
Such evil will turn your kacks brown
Liturgy of The Serpent Saint
It sounds like the Omen OST, like Christopher Lee
The backwards bible for you and me
The book of demonology
Bless the evilness
Eternal doom, now there's the rub
Spells Beelzebub
He's reading the bible from the back to the front
And upside down in a mirror
He's flicking the bathroom lights on and off
And screaming bloody murder
He's rubbing his stomach and patting his head
Flushing the toilet and raising the dead
He's counting backwards from five down to nought
He's reading a spell from the pamphlets he bought

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