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Hopes and dreams
Drowned out by the screams
Waking to the dying day undone at the seams
Decency and dignity – seems there’s none of that for me
Destiny! Destiny! No escaping that for me
Going spare
Because my time is up and no-one cares
Twenty years
With no parole in the electric chair
So it comes to this
It’s my apocalypse
Into the abyss and under the gun
This is the last command
It’s time to be a man
Avenge me my son
Turn your back and run, never to return
Make your escape, the final bridge is burned
Go to earth and gather all your strength, the fire’s in your brain
Sentence will be carried out but not before I say again
I’ll be gone blotted out like ketchup on your shirt
They’ll rub me out like maths mistakes
But I’ll no longer hurt
I’ll rest in peace like a ton of bricks once I know the word is out
Echoes from an unmarked grave that still seem to shout
You thought you saw the last of me but it ain’t exactly true
Even though I’m dead and gone I’ll be coming after you
Don’t count your blessings til they hatch as lizards that will eat your face
My cold revenge is coming fast like a million drugged up snakes

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