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As Fault - text

Holding on to me
With both arms open wide
It's hard to believe,
We've let it fall to this
Torment upon our fellow man
So much for hand in hand
Can't believe after all this talk
What happend to the plan
She screams out for help
Still holding on to me

I was born with a broken heart
With no gold for a new one
Forever twisted in this message you gave
Screaming out
'Save me'

So bend me until I break
I might be poor but at least I'm not weak
No, I'm not weak

She watched the world give up on you
Still living not breathing meaningless life,

Dictator, dictator
Excuse me for thinking you'd make a difference
You’d make a difference

When the price goes up the more life to save
They don't care about you or what you gave
Just a pay cheque
And so nothing less
Your life is meaning less
And you will be forever be tarnished

Breathing, living
It’s all meaningless

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