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I See Through You - text

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I was going for my coffee
On the corner
Running for the train
And the last thing I expected was to hear you
Calling out my name
I just got my life together
Suddenly the world around me
Is collapsing
Leaving us
Inside the frame
I see through you, see the true you
I see the you nobody sees
I want to show you
Let me show you
The you I know inside of me
Maybe you don’t realize
That what I’m feeling
Is your sensitivity
Maybe I don’t recognize
That you’re afraid
Cause you feel the same for me
You see through me, see the true me
You see the me nobody sees
The things that could be
The love that I need
The you that lives inside of me
I just got my shit together
You and my coffee got a little colder
Time to give you a last embrace
Why can’t we just be together?

I see through you
See the true you
Want to give you all that you need
I want to show you
Let me show you
The you that lives inside of me…

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