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Going down to Reno
Give us the chance to be a winner
Seeking a last minute air ticket to be on time down to Reno
Make your time in the summer (Don´t forget!)
Bring your money in the winter (Just because!)
We gonna gamble in the spring
Win in the fall
Bet your spirit
Easy life is going down in Reno
Something happened down in Reno
Down in Reno
Behind me trails burn
In front the wheels turn
I am hoping twenty six will churn
Down in Reno
I´m bringing my bags
My soul
My faith
Got nothing left to lose
I join my pal
Prospecting all
Win or bust it fills our lust
The house always wins
The sun never comes up in Reno
Here I am
Hope in my hand
My currency stands
Soul ripped to shreds
Following the snake´s trail
Followng the great wave
Picture in my heart led my steps on down to Reno
Through the dar the saviour came
Safely and with hope we´re going on down to Reno

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