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Sleeping, don’t you so sleep well
Under me is heaven and over me is hell
God is watching your shaking soul
Don’t be afraid, nothing’s your fault
You can lie, keep on smilin’
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus loves you
Don’t you cry, let’s go die
It’s so easy, it’s so fine
Don’t be scared follow, follow
We are saved follow, follow
I’m holding a place, just for you
(A) hot hip hop place, in the blue
Father, mother, brother in the grave
Keep the faith
Here’s the hope from the holy pope
Big one, big, big, biggest father
All you search is in the church
Sleeping, don’t you so sleep well
Over me is heaven and under me is hell
All the people in the grave
Keep the faith
Pressured under life, no one wants to die
Going to fight for those who tell you lies
What you couldn’t find hidden in my mind
From the other side my message sends the lie
Living in a trap pretending it’s a paradise

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