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Last Chance - text


From sunrise to sunset
All over the world
People are dreaming of a much better world
The colours are fading
The fields are no longer green
The water is being poisoned
Do you know what this means?

When the last chance is coming it might be to late
We must open up our eyes stay strong and keep the faith
All the things that man has done isn’t always for the good
Now it’s time to change our ways and I hope it’s understood
It’s our last chance

From the dawn of time
From the very first crime
Man has evolved for better or for worse
Why are we doing this?
Why don't we care?
Why can't we all be friends and take care of what's out there?

It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance

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Dark Secrets

Gaia Epicus texty

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