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From Bimini to the Jersey Shore they ran their sacred mission
To help the poor unfortunates, oppressed by the Prohibition
When the Puritans in politics began to play their dirty tricks
And outlaw every thing that we enjoy
Rum boats ahoy
We’re gonna get ourselves a drop of the Real McCoy
Rum runner, rum runner
Run your rum right up the line
Rum runner, rum runner
Rum, whiskey, gin and rye
Run rum runners run
We’re running dry
We’re running dry
Three miles off the shoreline waits the infamous ‘Rum Row’
Well if it’s gambling, or girls, or drink you want just ask ‘Havana Joe’
You won’t be taxed so never mind, and once you’ve left the law behind
You can have it all, whatever is your vice
Just name your price
It’s a free and easy floating paradise
Well the boats come up from Charleston, and down from Gloucester Bay
They’re giving out free samples boys, and the party’s underway
Somebody brought a Calypso band,
It’s loud enough to hear on land
And the hold is filled with barrels fit to burst
To quench our thirst
If the excise cutters don’t get to it first
The shore patrol is on the way, our machine gun's at the ready
God help us if we need it now, our hands are none too steady
Uncle Sam is closing in, to take our women, take our gin
You’ve bled us dry with all your revenues
What’s left to lose?
You can take our lives but you’ll never take our booze

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