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Bonnie Ship the Diamond/Tamlinn - text

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The Diamond is a ship, m’lads, for the Davis Straights she’s bound
And the quay it is all garnished with bonny lasses ‘round
Captain Thompson gives the order, to sail the ocean wide.
Where the sun it never sets m’lads nor darkness dins the sky
And it’s cheer up m’lads! Let your hearts never fail.
The bonny ship the Diamond goes a fishing for a whale!
Upon the quay at Peterhead, the lasses gather ‘round.
With their shawls all pulled about them and the salt tears running down.
Now don’t you cry my bonny lass though you’ll be left behind.
For the rose will grow on Greenland’s ice before I’ve changed my mind!
Here’s health to the “Resolution” likewise the “Eliza Dame”
Here’s health to the “Battler of Montrose” and the “Diamond ship of fame!
We wear the trousers of the white, and the jackets of the blue.
When we return to Peterhead, we’ll have sweethearts anew!
It’ll be bright both day and night, when the Greenland lads return,
With a ship that’s full of oil m’lads and monies for to burn!
We’ll make the cradle for to rock and blankets for to tear,
And every lass in Peterhead will sing “Hush-a-bye my dear!”

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