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Mean Old Circus - text


Traveling far, through the meadows and woods, hearing cries, echoes and woos...
Laughter and chants going down where the joker's play...a harrowing blues
Nonchalant I remain
In that old circus train
The sweet bitter taste...

Mean old circus
Mean old circus
Mean old circus be my twisted road
Be the answer
Be the answer
My solution to the great unknown

A sweet illusion...lost in confusion
A new connection to my perception
A dancing horse´s feathered crown
Where all the painted suns go down
Another curtain...a camel´s burden
A new pretension toward my invention
A song that cries for calliopes
Comes so naturally
It comes so naturally

A revelation ...for conversation
A new permission for my religion
A sleeping lion´s lion dream
In my forsaken evil schemes
In books and movies...keep talking to me
A new direction for my correction
We´ll dance across a silver thread
Put the sky to bed...put the sky to bed...

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