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Nobody (feat. PUSH & Riva - text


[Hook: Riva]
I see them, they trying (They trying)
But they can't do it like us
Say they can but they lying (They lying)
Nobody can do it like us
No, one, can do it like me
No, one, can do it like me
No, one, can do it like me (Yeah, okay)
No, one, can do it like me

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
You can't do it like me, cause I do what I wanna (Okay)
Smoking in the studio; room full of marijuana
Got the beat slapping hard, but G-Eazy not no drummer (Uh-uh)
So many fake people out now that, I began to wonder (wonder)
Where are the real (Real)? Where are the ill (Ill)?
I will remain disappointed in the game that is until (Okay)
I see somebody doing it on A-level that kills my expectations
But I doubt it cause there's no one out that will
Starts from here out to Brazil (Brazil), and I bet that you will find
Nobody on this Earth with a swagger like mine (No way)
Nobody this fresh, nobody this fly (Fly)
Nobody this clean, nobody this high (Nobody)
Nobody like me who could do it this way (This way)
Dip everyday (Day), it's cause I'm from the Bay (From the Bay)!
So if you have something to say, then say it to my face right now
Cause we deep in this bitch, I make it go down


[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
(I got) I got x-ray vision for you fakes, I see through you
My dude, I'm a beast, and you lames is just some poodles (Get 'em)
Beating up the track, so on this beat I'm brutal
I'm here for everything, yes, the whole kit and kaboodle
Got the game in my palm, burning trees like napalm
Every verse I drop bombs, like I was in Vietnam
Got money to my ears, so all I hear is money
All I see and speak is money, so I guess I'm money
I guess I goes dummy, dummier than most
(Catch me) Catch me this face in front of Furly Ghost
Watch this Bay Boy here, he finna bring back the coast
So the attention not you pay me with better be close
The freshest on the scene, I'm all about my green
You're balling or you're not, bitch, there's no where in between
I told them I was hot, haters - they see what I mean
You can roll me up and smoke me, cause I'm too dope for fiends


[Verse 3: PUSH]
Ladies and gentlemen, Sean is no specimen
Boy is your prophet, every album is a testament
Run laps around these dudes if they even trynna test and then
Round they whole game like an estimate
Say money talks, so the bones I ain't fetching them
Got enemies but the semi be listening
Hit them with the tech like I'm reffing them
You hoes have no class, learn learn a lesson fam
Dudes clutching on guns like they carry-ons
But look retarded when they shoot like Shawn Marion
Gun cop, blood clot, like Damion
Marley, I'm sorry, but I am killing all
You dudes think you Sean, taking DNA tests
You are not me is what it will suggest
Fucking with my dough is like taking my breath
Cause money gives me life like there's a safe in my chest, yes


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