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Netflix (feat. Cults) - text


[Verse 1]
Living in New Orleans, she came in from Texas
Every local show I put her name on the guest list
But I don't never see her
I've came to expect this
She would rather chill at the crib watching Netflix
Um, not trying to sound pretentious
But most girls would say she sounds senseless
I guess cause I don't drive in a Lexus
You prefer the guy who would buy you a necklace
Take you out to dinner, not hungover breakfast
Oh, I get this, it would all sound senseless
If you told your mom you're in love with a rapper
Live your own life, why the fuck should it matter?
But, she's right it won't work
So stick to your ivy league pre-med jerk
Cause that's what you're looking for
Now I took it for
Shoulda never went and grabbed for the cookie jar

[Hook: Cults]
I really want to go out
I really want to go outside and stop to see your day
You really want to hole up
You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away
[Verse 2]
I twenty-one, about to be twenty-two
Not trying to turn thirty regretting what I didn't do
When I was coming with this music and still in school
Cause honestly I'm living my dream and I've been a fool
So, whether or not you would like to partake
At least give it just one night for our sake
I'm part Johnny Cash, part Lennon, and part Drake
I'll sing a love song, but I'll leave you a heartache
Yeah, these other girls never seem to mind
Like, have you seen the line?
I'm just joking
Honestly I wrote this with a queen in mind
The type of girl I very rarely ever seem to find
Yeah, but, then again I could be wrong
And you don't listen to me so, you'll never hear this song
We're two opposites, we could never get along
You sleep until the morning and I party 'till it's dawn

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