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I Be in the Lab - text


[Intro: Dexter's Labratory]
Dee dee, can you please check if your brother is ready for school?
At last, my greatest work completed

I be in the lab
I, I, I be in the lab
I be in the lab like Dexter
I be in the lab like Dexter, Dexter
I be in the lab like Dexter
I be in the lab
I, I be in the lab
I, I be in the lab like Dexter
I be in the lab like Dexter
In the, in the lab
In the lab like Dexter, De-Dexter

[Verse 1]
I be cooking up slap up in my laboratory
In time to hear you other rapper's stories cause they boring
I'm snoring through your verses, I'm sleeping on you ho's
I even brought a sleeping bag, pillow, and a change of clothes
I'm tired of you lames, you don't make music
You didn't engineer it, mix it, or even produce it
You just wrote your 16, which wasn't even hot
Now you talking like you got some kinda talent, think not
I'm sorry to expose you, somebody should've told you
What a rapper does or at least what he's supposed to
Get your own lab, record your own vocals
Learn how to mix, then go and learn pro-tools
Don't need nobody else, I do it myself
I make all my own beats, Have need for no help
Married to the music
I'm thinking now they call me a professor
Wanna find me? I be I be in the lab like Dexter


[Verse 2]
I be in the studio, every night up in the lab
I'm acting like a mad scientist gone mad
In the basement with a pad and a pen jotting down
Verbs, adjectives, and nouns, while we pass the weed around
Relieve stress from my mind, jaws drop when I rhyme
The freshest boy breathing, you can hate but I'm signed
After my first stanza they bring it back and rewind
Like hold up, What the fuck you say?
Cause they fucking with me (no)
Everybody needs to (know)
Pay attention cause we're probably finna (blow)
Up superstar status, back at it God Damnit
Bitch I am the freshest on the planet
Check my resume I been serving these
Ten albums in the game at young age of 18
You don't know music how I know music
Take the beat and I abuse it
Bitch I does this don't confuse it


[Outro: Dexter's Labratory]
Now do you understand?
That by combining the positive and negative polarities of sucrose and radium...
We can excrete the elements from any variety of [?]
And unificate them with the superlative percussions of the magnetic osprium
Thusly, this machine should not be used by a person of lower intelligence such as...
Ugh, you're not listening to me
Pay attention!

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