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This Is Not The Real World - text


You get sucked in cuz it's easy to watch
But I'd rather be one of the few
You don't live in goggle-box-ville
And there ain't a camera on you

It's got a lot to answer for
Things you've never seen before

This is not the real world - don't believe what you see
This is not the real world - it's Warhol's prophecy
This is not the real world - check a level for the sound
This is not the real world - it's adults in the playground

Smoke and mirrors hide the lies
Front page makes a splash
But when you scrape the barrel
All you get is human trash

Agents knocking on your door
Thatcher's children in the raw

First name terms dictate the vote
It's just a game they're playing
A new celebrity on the list
And the public who are paying

Treat 'em nice cuz they're investments
Keep it simple like the contestants

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