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Dead Man Walking - text


Blood is thicker than water
But money is thickest of all
You're going through a phase
When you can't resist its call
I got you in my crosshairs
Waiting for the sting
You know what they say
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Firewall round my heart
Stereo set to stun
You're pushing against a locked door
You're just a dead man walking

I can't predict the future
But I know yours is bleak
You prey on the naive
The vulnerable, the weak
I'm standing up against you
You're never gonna last
One thing I remember is
Never forget the past

Killed you off in my mind
Now you don't exist
Waiting for a sign
Waiting for the twist... Here he comes...

Now my will to live is threatened
And my karma lies in shreds
You're full of good intentions
But you're messing up my head
I'm gonna make it even
Three chords and a gun
Cuz I see you with lots
And I see me with none

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