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Too Easy - text


[Verse 1]
Blessed like I sneezed
All these lil beauties have sex with the beast
I'm the best in the east and I'm living on the west coast
Fuck niggas all gon' be resting in peace
I suggest that you leave if you hating
Cause I'm destined to be nothing less than a king
Mufasa on these bitch ass niggas
Get rich fast, pockets needs SlimFast
I could make mesh out your teeth
Put holes in it, get it? I'm on a roll with it
Counting paper like a scroll with it
Collecting money like a toll, green thumb
Like a chow flow cold, north pole with it, my clothes so vintage
I make hits like a tennis match
Fucking bitches, only time I ever finish last
In my shows, everybody put they hands up
Like a smart kid in chemistry class, goddamn, it's too easy
I ain't stopping, no other option presented authentic with all these writtens, no really, this shit is simple (too easy)
Imma go on tour every show is doing numbers cause Futuristic is popping like a pimple (too easy)
Imma take they girl with all them curls who got that smile on her face accented with the dimples (ah, too easy)
Shoutout to my ex-girl, and that new dude making love to you all gentle (too easy)
I know that you don't like that
Hit me up, I never write back (no)
All my words on the right track
Talk behing my back, then one dap
I'll leave you hanging like a fucking tire on a bike rack (sheesh)
And I'm never getting sidetracked
On the right path like I'm climbing up a hill
I ain't never falling off with this rap shit
Meanwhile you looking like Jack and Jill, sheesh

This shit is too easy (too easy)
I make it look easy (it's way too easy)
This shit is too easy (too easy)
I make it look easy (it's way too easy)
This shit is too easy (easy)
I make it look easy (it's way too easy)
This shit is too easy (easy)
I make it look easy

[Verse 2]
Yo, easy like easy baked ovens
I'm the real thing, you Eazy-E cousin
Eazy does it
Moving up like Weezy, spit like Weezy
Act like Yeezy, he love him self
I'm a G, this easy no pun intended
Futuristic speak so disgusting
Feces on enemies that be coming at me
I treat the beat like we fucking
Beat it up, make it scream 'til it's coming
You beef and you feeding me and my stomach
Lean and weed for me, my team and my woman
Drink this peach CÎROC, oh jeez, 'til i shouldn't yo steez
It's sweeter than Reese's Pieces
Leave them all in pieces, peace
I leave a piece of me when I speak
So these fiends keep coming
I got cheese, Mickey D's, just please, cause he love it
Decipher that
They don't really wanna cypher Zach
I don't really wanna murder everybody that's been talking
Ain't nobody got time for that, nah
Childish flows, they compare us but I'm already grown
And they already know
Futuristic did it all on his own
If you talking to me, you better be watching your tone, nigga
Money talks, so I talk to my phone
Don't call me if you're talking alone
If I had a mirror, I'd be watching my throne
Holy shit, I think I just got in my zone
Shit's scary, right?
I told them I was gonna do it so belive me
Only time you'll ever see me is if you're watching the TV
Or if you're buying a ticket to my motherfucking meet and greet
I swear this shit is too easy


Way too easy
Way too easy
Way too easy
Way too easy

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