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[Verse 1]
You can't stop a man on a mission
And I'm a man on a mission
Been spitting for a minute
Used to tell my mama stop doing the dishes
Cause the mic was in the kitchen
I'm trying to record here, I'm tryna make hits
You looking at me like I'm tripping
Like Zach, please do your homework
Please do your chores first
Zach, really tell me who you kidding
Imma get it 'til I got it momma, now I got it momma
Imma do this 'til I got it popping, but
One of the problems that musicians have in common is
When you got it with more money, always equals more problems
They'll look different than the last ones
Now these bitches acting different than the past ones
They treat you like a king when you have some
On stage, every girl be tryna grab some
I put it out there, without care
Express my life and hope that you can relate
Travel state to state, lose money along the way
But when I see your face, I feel like everything is great
Frosted flakes from the gas station
I have made it, in a way
But sometimes, I retract that last statement
I ain't that famous, but I'm past faking it to make it
That's the lamest, all you lil niggas lack patience
Bitch niggas, they lactatin and mad hating
Flow rare like a fat Asian
Track's fascinating
They gravitating to what I'm saying because I spit that realest, still got bitches with they ass shaking
What a combination
Got the game on lock
The key in my sock and I got the combination
I was too nice to these lil niggas, tryna help them out
But now I'm real picky with the conversation
Man, you're working, work your plan
A lot of fans in the stands waving hands
A lot of Stans they really don't understand
Those letters sit in the box until we can get a chance to
Open them up and thank you for what you did
And tell you, we appreciate the way that you commit
To the life we live and all of the lyrics that we spit
When I heard you drove of off that bridge, it made me sick, like damn!
Fuck, I don't even know if I wanna do this shit any more
It's like, I let all my people down, in pursuit of my dreams
And now everybody do is follow me along the way, I'm losing them too
[Hook 1]
But I'm a man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
Man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
A man on a mission
I'm a motherfucking man on a mission
[Verse 2]
Yo, angel on my left shoulder
But the devil on my right, all my life
Knew what was wrong and right
But not everybody do the right thing like Spike
My fans all young, they probably don't get that old reference
I love bitches, no preference
It's kinda weird, I been turning down pussy lately
I mean a lot and I don't regret it
I'm too focused on this rap shit
Then again, I'm always focused on this rap shit
This new music so much better than my last shit
So I hope it does better than my last shit
Man I know it will
Because I'm killing everything by these veterans
Kick it with niggas that I'm better than
They name bigger but it's evident
If they really thinking that they sick then they hear my shit, it hits them like medicine
Reality check, dreams turn to reality quick on my shit
I ain't scared to fail because everybody fail
But the real hard workers always win in the end
I bought a trip that's gon' last me a lifetime
With the right lines when I write rhymes
Music in my blood like water in a pipeline
I don't even sleep in a night time
Man on a mission
[Hook 2]
I'm a man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
Man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
Man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
Man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission
I'm a man on a mission

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