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It's okay to fall in love, fall in love
And if you tripping I'm gon' catch you
It's okay to fall in love, to fall in love
And if you tripping I'm gon' catch you
[Verse 1]
You think it's my career, I do the things they do
I think it's my career, I probably think that too
So I can't blame you, but I can't take you
Cause you got your own shit
I wanna take you, but I can't make you
Cause you got your own shit
Don't trip if I don't text back
Don't get mad if I miss your call
Don't trip that I get so whack
I promise, I'll never break your heart
You gotta believe me, do you believe me?
If not, you should leave me
But I promise, you gon' be so mad when you see my face on the TV
Yeah, we could go get froyo
I know white girls love that
In your past, your relationship was up and down, like a yo-yo, ours never does that
It's been a minute since we talked last
I had that girl and you had that dude
But I always still thought of you
Kinda crazy how you always thought the same thing too
Okay, we met in the summer; first day of school
I ain't seen you in a minute, came back for the summer
Eleven years later, can't belive you let me hit it
It feels like nothing changed and that's strange
Cause everything's different
You got a kid and I'm a rapper now
Either way, we both moved on and we gifted
We could talk 'til the sun come up, catch up, I don't know much, fill me in
We could watch whatever movie you like, the notebook, oh jeez, I feel like him
I got a gold issue I miss, I need to feel your lips
I'll be back in a month, I know it sucks but please don't trip
[Hook x2]
[Verse 2]
Yeah, I know you fell for him and he just did you wrong
I'm glad that we linked up, ain't seen you in so long
And it feels perfect, maybe cause you're perfect, at least for me
I treat you better, you deserve it, baby, you deserve it
How could he cheat, you look cute when you first wake up
Sweatpants with no makeup on
You don't really like rap too much
But this about to be your favorite song, at least I hope so
We both young, with dreams to become something more than average
That smile on your face always makes me happy
And when it goes away, I be feeling the saddest
And when I'm gone, I snapchat it
That ass is the fattest, I can't help but grab it
Kissing you is like magic
I'm an addict, you bad, now I got a bad habit
I feel passion when we touch
I'm really not asking for too much
And if you happen to blush, it's cool
[Hook x2]

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