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Lost my faith in my government, gonna watch TV in my apartment
Get up in the morning get the paper, I got a heroin girl I'm gonna save her
But secretly I'm hoping she'll save me, or at least give me drugs and call me "baby"
How'm I gonna find a new drummer? Been playing with him since last summer
Fed up with the Internet bullshit
And I gotta make it home before sunset
Get home light the candles and I break bread, bless the wine and drink it turn my face red
I hope I look cool on TV, with my brand new band d'you wanna see me
Make it all go away, make it all go away, make it all go away
And/but sometimes in the night when I'm out of my senses
I see a wide-open country without any fences
I see white crosses burning across a dark landscape
And there's no hidden keys and there's no secret handshake
Adria, Adria
And if ever my prayer should ascend to some heaven

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