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She said
If you need to find a door inside of your head
That leads to somewhere else I'll show it to you
She told us all about Psalm 151
And what comes after "Hallelujah"
She said
I'll feed you in the morning, eggs on rye bread
But you're sleeping on the floor
Don't come to my bed
It's too soon for you to see me
With my wings spread
But I've seen her wet with moonlight
Praying in the street
Feathers at her feet
And I saw the small harp hanging
That she never plays
Waiting for the day
When it all comes falling down
And words fail me now
Skipped meals
We'll stay in Kansas City 'til the wound heals
The government went bad, we got a raw deal
A transangelic exodus on four wheels
But I've seen the broken halo
That she never wears
Hanging by the stairs
Angel, I'll be your guardian if you'll be mine
Authorities are trailing right behind
I'm not afraid, we read the Psalms at night
Clear through Nebraska with just one headlight

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Transangelic Exodus


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