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And I'm rocking like the red-painted horse in the rain
And I'm standing on the table chemicals in my brain
And I'm driving my car real fast into the distance tonight
And I'm done telling lies to all my family and friends
Going totally broke, I got no money to spend
And I'm wild fist fighting with the strangers that I hate in my head
Now I've thrown out everything
And there's something wrong with me
So just take my hand for me, anything can happen
Now it's clear to me
And I'm wild like Mercury
And it's all come down to me, anything can happen
And I'm bored with all the idiotic nihilist kids
And the cheaters and the cowards and materialists
And my heart goes wild every time I try to think about it
I put my hand on my heart and leave the city behind
And I'm shaking off the chains because they were all in my mind
And I'm off in the distance burning rubber in a perfect straight line
Now I've thrown out everything
And I don't know what to be
So just take my hand for me anything can happen
Now it's clear to me
That it's painful just to be
But I'm grateful just to see anything can happen now

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