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Vast Infinite Beauty - text

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So tired and weak was Christ on the cross
Departed from prophecy
To bring back an impaled world into foss
Foolish he exposed his love

I'm unbowed because of you
I'm so wild and jealous
I'm silent in flames of doom
I am Satan the cursed and fallen
I wonder what I was to you
Remember thy angel
Over the abyss
And ever forever
Woe be to them
I awoke in a pattern
Drowned within the gloom
Ungrounded unclosed
Around revolving things
Golden and chained
A faceless fog formed
A shape of the world
He asked nothing of himself and never wondered of wandering wherever waked
He rose and shone disheartened but overbearing and numinous
As an unfeigned Satan with unbounded wings opened above the deepest depths
Then there was no one else and no thing
He was aware so courteous of an outright everlasting, of an undenied unreal
He suddenly found the golden gates opened to the vast infinite beauty of god
He walked out and entered into the way ends to absoluteness of love
He faced nothing in there
But a mirror

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