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The words are calling out
I can feel them in the deep of your mouth
Truth will reveal itself
No need to travel for a million miles

The years can stay the same
I kept it easy so I couldn't complain
Let them make up your mind
It's a feeling you can never describe
Oh, oh, oh, oh

But even after all the things I say
You can be honest and be true
You never realized what I won't do

Ashamed to call it out, afraid to say
I don't recognize what's left of us
I can't think of anything it was

And it was over, be hated for
All the things that I know that I could
I would never leave you though I would

And I would sell it all because
You ask me why I cannot lie
Yeah, it feels old and I want new
You ask me why
Oh, just because, oh, just because
Oh, just because

The climate changes is really nothing new
I'll stay lost 'cause I got something to do
I can figure it out in my own time
You were always late so you never arrived

I know, no one knows so you can be yourself
And keep it close and never let it run out
They'll stop caring so push them aside
Fuck the things you want for the things you like

Again with their money and their swank apartment
I built a tower built up into the sun
Let them follow every fallen empire
On the war they waged but never won

I figured out your world from night to day
I swear to God, I knew I would
But it became too easy to be good

When I would force it out, the words to say
That I'll be honest and be good
You wouldn't believe me if I would

'Cause it was covered all in disguise
Amazed and angered like
I lost my mind

Oh, I could go but I will stay
And I'll do it again, you can bet that I will
Oh, you can find a piece of mind
You ask me why, oh, I can't lie

I figured I would sit around
I found a way that I can go
I'll make it out through all the years
You ask me why
Oh, just because, oh, just because
Oh, just because

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