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I always knew we would end up just like this
So pour me one last drink with a final kiss
And things always end up hit or miss
I’d love to tell you, oh lets reminisce
And all the words that we couldn’t say
Are in the backyards where we used to stay
Your parents are on the way home again
So sorry that it had to end
And now we’re right back where we started from
We’re never leavin’ no we just begun
Supplies are endless but we just have none
You sleep your whole life and you called it fun
So wake up kid realize your life
We’re movin’ closer to your demise
You’re getting out of familiar ways
The world is ours, it’s gotta stay
And we’re singing, oh
You are young, so am I
Set my head and we can try
You are young and so am I
We’ll do all we want and take it while we lie, while we lie
And now your hair is grey and your shoes are worn
And the books you’ve read with the pages torn
You found one person you never knew
It told you what to look forward to
And when you woke up in your sad demise
You’re movin’ closer to the end of your life
We’re getting out of your way
We’re movin’ out at the end of days
Cause we are the voices under the tracks
Drawing you forward, pushing you back

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