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Cold darkened tombs
Rot in my subconscious
Where putrefecation reigns
The violation of the dead
Shrieks of death
Crypt in total darkness
...In a sea of endless torment
In the tombs of sleeping darkness
Lay virulent rotten coffins
Inexorable morbid horror
Convulse in blasphemy
Desecration of flesh
At peace, shall be no more
Apostasy in monstrous hate
Lost in a grave
Insanity rips my mind
Blood, wrath and decay
The haunted cannot escape
Desecration, life shall be no more
Drowning in the depths of my inner soul
Putrid corpses in the utter dark
Madness floats in a mind
In a sead of endless torment

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Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods


Funebrarum texty

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